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October summary

Here’s what happened in October!

I was a guest on the Breakfast With Tiffany Show podcast, you can check that out here:

All the baby crows from this summer have graduated to the wild flock except one. That one just doesn’t have any interest in leaving. Every morning the wild crows come for breakfast and I offer the opportunity to join them, but she never goes. If she’s happy here, this is her home for as long as she wants it.

In kitten news, Nala was adopted to a loving family and I am thrilled for her! And one of my volunteers found an abandoned newborn kitten. They were having trouble with feeding, so she’s at AnimO for the time being. I named her Orfhlaith (OR-lah), and it means “golden princess” in Irish. Female orange cats are quite rare, so this seemed fitting!

Boone is the German Shepherd I’ve been posting about, training with him to potentially be a K9 officer is a real challenge! He may or may not get there, but I’m working with him every day to see what’s working and what’s not (and why). Please note that he is NOT available for adoption, I am still working with him and I am bound by the agreement I signed when I got him. I am not able to rehome him even if he doesn’t make it to police dog school.

Franky (small white fluffy dog) went to another rescue to make room for a new death row dog. This one is a skinny, fearful pitbull, he’s going to need a lot of attention. The kids from the KOBILS class where I gave a talk in September agreed to name this new dog (stay tuned!). I got a lovely thank-you card from them, too. If you’d like me to speak with your school (over Zoom), please send me a message! Lalah usually helps with the presentation, too.

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