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October 2023 summary

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Here’s what happened in October!

AnimO had a number of new faces – an Akita (very quickly placed in a new home), a handful of small parrots, a former pet pigeon with a broken wing, a bat with a severely mangled wing, a corn snake, and a hawk.

Speaking of small parrots, there are 6 lovebirds and a budgie available for adoption. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact AnimO by Facebook Messenger (and comment on a recent post to say you sent a message about them), or contact Mina directly on LINE (user name minamartinez).

There was also a wild goshawk that was rescued in Kyushu and sent to AnimO. The rescuer did everything they could and should absolutely be commended for all their time and effort. Unfortunately, they had some bad information. If you are rescuing an injured bird or other wildlife, it is vital to contact a specialist as soon as possible and under no circumstances try to feed it or give water.

In happier news, there was a wild bat that we successfully rehabilitated and released!

And in exciting future news, we have a new core team of exceptional people working on plans to improve and expand AnimO. We are specifically looking for volunteers to join the transport network group so we can get animals from all over Japan safely to the sanctuary. If you have a Facebook account, live in Japan, and would like to help, please join our transport network here.

To prepare for the planned relocation and expansion, we are in the middle of a critical fundraiser. At time of writing, we have raised $190,076 out of $600,000! Read more on Facebook or you can contribute through our Donate page.

Mina has been leveling up on Facebook with live streaming videos, and she is now able to earn stars! This is a Facebook feature that helps support AnimO financially. These live videos happen on Sundays at 8:30am Japan time. That’s 6:30pm Saturday on the US east coast and 3:30pm for the US west coast. Sorry, Europe, the live stream happens in the middle of the night for you because she is limited to daylight hours.

Video from October 15, making homemade dog treats:

Video from October 22, shaving Mina’s head to donate donate for medical wigs for people battling cancer:

You can also hear Mina on episode 3 of The Pit Bull Podcast.

Thank you to everyone on my Patreon, as well as everyone else that sent or brought packages of supplies. Every single donation is appreciated!

If you know someone who wants to support AnimO, or if you want to help more, there are lots of ways!

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