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November 2023 summary

November was a very big month!

The biggest bit of news is probably the GoFundMe campaign. It’s the kickoff to a plan with three phases to bring AnimO to the next level. This first phase is to (among other things) make repairs and improvements at the current sanctuary, hire interim staff and obtain nonprofit status in Japan, and to find a new property for a new and improved facility. At time of writing, we have raised just over $6,000 (USD) out of a $15,900 goal. Feel free to contribute and please share! Personal social media accounts are great, and sharing in social media groups is also a great way to spread the word.

We’ve had an unusual number of new faces and adoptions this past month!

New faces include 10 dogs (2 were tossed over the fence, please do NOT do this!), a yellow-fronted Amazon named Gordo, a baby guinea pig, two emus, three Jacoby pigeons, four Gloster canaries, and just before American Thanksgiving, we welcomed two turkeys!

A few dogs are available for fostering or adoption, and the most urgent need is for fosters and adopters who are willing to take on dogs that might need extra training or medical care. If this describes you, please read through this fostering FAQ.

That said, there are two that are not available because of serious medical issues, one named Belle has a malignant tumor near her urinary tract and needs massive surgery ASAP, and another named Ruby is having seizures and needs veterinary care.

We are also going through a HUGE number of dog sanitary pads and cleaning supplies. If you would like to send us more, they are on the Amazon wish list.

The unusually high number of adoptions include nine dogs, and a number of small and medium-sized birds. Ashley the crow had been refusing to leave, and now that she’s been convinced to go outside she comes back every day to visit.

There are also a few links to see and hear Mina or AnimO animals to share:

Related, Mojo and Bandit filmed a commercial! It will be aired online, hopefully we can share a link next month.

Thank you to everyone on my Patreon, as well as everyone else that sent or brought packages of supplies. Every single donation is appreciated!

If you know someone who wants to support AnimO, or if you want to help more, there are lots of ways!

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