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April 2023 Summary

Here’s what happened in April!

In the last week some of the electrical wiring in the house failed and needs to be redone, that will be another expense to go along with the new enclosures we’re building and repairing. If you’re interested in helping fund that, you can find information for PayPal and bank transfer here.

One of our most rewarding rescues was a squirrel monkey named Tito. He was kept in a small cage with no enrichment and a poor diet, but he’s much happier now. It would be better if he had a companion, but until that happens we are doing our best with a much better habitat, better diet, and toys to snuggle with.

Two baby emus came to us from a school hatching project. Teachers will sometimes include hatching projects in the curriculum, but they are problematic and we are talking with the Asia for Animals Coalition about what we can do to discourage this kind of activity. They are done in the name of science and claim to teach kids how precious life is, but once the hatching is complete the birds are generally not properly cared for. Emus grow so large that few (if any!) schools would be able to acommodate them. For smaller birds like ducks and chickens, they will often be kept in enclosures that are too small, too crowded, and dirty. We feel strongly that this practice should be discontinued.

I was part of a huge effort with a few other rescues to get dogs out of a puppy mill. I helped to rehome 10 dogs and other rescues took about 80 dogs each. Four of our new faces this month are from mills or hoarding situations and they all need at least some rehabilitation. Meet Juju, Bandit, Luna, and Robin (in the cone)!

Related, three of the AnimO dogs (Rick, Ramone, and Hannah) have been relocated to other organizations for rehoming. AnimO is not currently able to perform adoptions, so if you are looking to adopt a pet please contact a shelter. Adopt, don’t shop!

Thank you to everyone on my Patreon, as well as everyone else that sent or brought packages of supplies. Every single donation is appreciated!

If you know someone who wants to support AnimO, or if you want to help more, there are lots of ways!

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